We invite merchants to market their products to our network of cards holders ( and affiliates) 

The system is simple : Grant discounts in % of your products or services to valid card holders that we will be able to bring to you. 

the benefits of joining us are :

  • - Increased sales of your products or services.  
  • - Members must hold a valid membership before they can enjoy your discounts (tools provided to check validity)
  • - No risk : no sale = no cost
  • - Enjoy the free advertising on our site.
  • - Ride along with our marketing campaign
  • - Grant one discount : members are informed they that discounts can not be cumulative with any other discounts.
  • - Enjoy our tools for helping you promote and maximize your low moments in your business in real time. you will be able to generate for example momentary additional discounts to boost your sale from 2pm to 6pm for example and revert to your normal discount afterwards. you control these temporary hot discounts..

To join, simply click